Whether bespoke, made-to-measure or ready-to-wear, the process starts with a conversation. We’ll listen to your needs and give you a drink before offering our expertise.The soft, Italianate shoulder feels natural, comfortable and relevant; at the same time, the chest is canvassed for structure and the waist nipped in flatteringly, as is the British custom. In short, the best of both worlds.While our cut is perhaps contemporary by traditional standards, Fran’s Tailor is not a designer brand, although some very fashionable people wear it. Fran’s Tailor is a timeless style with a modern sensibility; we make garments to last years, not seasons.

Our Aim
For years we have been one of leading contemporary tailors, helping clients look their best with bespoke suits, jackets, and shirts. Our style and quality mean clients are confident they look great. We’re known in the industry – and in the wider fashion world. Where Fran’s Tailor leads, others follow. Fran’s Tailor suits are so well-fitting and expressive that you’ll soon feel completely at ease in yours. And once you look the part, that’s when you know you’re at your best.

Bring your life to style

We’ve built our reputation by understanding our clients. Only when we have a clear idea of your tastes, your ambitions and your lifestyle do we reach for the tape measure and the tailor’s chalk.
The values of passion, quality, and attention towards details have been the driving force of every activity and are echoed in its external relations. The quest for excellence, where the human factor is a vital element, has inspired the choices and initiatives of Fran’s Tailors.


We have constantly engaged in research forever fine and more luxurious fibers and fabric qualities. cashmere to pure Wools. Our clothes are woven in the time-honored way to assured quality and good taste. A bespoke tailored garment in luxury cloth is truly an investment and always a pleasure to wear.

The Result

The Bespoke tailoring that’s a consistently authentic reflection of you. Always true to our style and heritage, we ensure that our suites have an elegance, but with a contemporary fit.